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4th Edition of Indian Open of Surfing

National Surfing Championship


Welcome to the page dedicated to the Indian Open of Surfing, an annual national championship event hosted by Mantra Surf Club and organised by the Surfing Federation of India. This prestigious competition brings together the best surfers from across the country, serving as a platform to showcase their incredible skills and passion for the sport.

Since its inception, the Indian Open of Surfing has become a significant sporting event, generating widespread media coverage and capturing the attention of numerous celebrities. The competition has played a pivotal role in raising awareness about the thrilling sport of surfing and has paved the way for the emergence of talented surf athletes in India.

Stay updated on this page to catch all the exciting moments, exclusive highlights, and inspiring stories from the Indian Open of Surfing. Join us in celebrating the remarkable journey of these surfers as they ride the waves and inspire a new generation of surfing enthusiasts in India.

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Cycle Pure Agarbathi


We can't let this moment pass without expressing our immense gratitude to Cycle Agarbathi. As our powerhouse sponsor, your support has been instrumental in fuelling this event with the energy and spirit it deserves. The essence of your commitment to the surfing community truly permeates through this championship, setting the stage for a spectacular celebration of surfing. We're genuinely stoked to have you on board. Thank you, Cycle Agarbathi!

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