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About WrkWrk: Where Work Meets Surf

At Mantra, we believe in a lifestyle that’s as exciting as the waves we ride. Introducing our partner, WrkWrk – not just a workspace, but a coastal haven for innovators. Nestled on Mangaluru’s stunning coast, WrkWrk crafts premium co-working spaces and managed office spaces that embrace the surf and SUP culture as part of our everyday hustle.


About the Collaboration: Surfing into a New Frontier

Mantra Surf Club, the Surfing Swami Foundation, and WrkWrk have joined forces for a collaboration that transcends the ordinary. It’s not just about sponsorship; it’s a shared commitment to redefine the future of surfing, paddle boarding, and community development. WrkWrk is not just a workspace; it’s a wave of innovation crashing onto our coast, bringing with it a culture of collaboration and progress.


Exclusive Job Opportunities: Where Your Workday Meets the Waves

Craving the surf vibes while city-bound? Mantra’s got the antidote! Our guests enjoy exclusive access to job openings at WrkWrk. Imagine this – your work backdrop features the picturesque coast. Surf into morning waves to kickstart your day.

This isn’t just a job; it’s your ticket to the ultimate blend of work and surf in paradise!

Supporting Surfing Swami Foundation: Your Work, Your Impact

Joining WrkWrk is an invitation to a lifestyle upgrade. Your work isn’t just a means to an end; it’s a journey that aligns with the waves. Be at the coast, immerse yourself in the surfing and SUP lifestyle, and contribute to the Surfing Swami Foundation’s transformative initiatives. Your job isn’t just a job; it’s a chance to make waves in athlete training, SUP clinics, and international events, creating stories on the Silicon Beach Coast.

Current Job Openings in Mangaluru

Community Associate & Interns

This is an opportunity to be part of a dynamic team and contribute to creating a welcoming and productive environment for our clients and members. (2-5yrs)

Security Chief

The Security Chief for our co-working space plays a pivotal role in creating a safe and secure environment that fosters productivity and trust.
(5-10 yrs)

Brand Copy Strategist

A Brand Copy Strategist plays a pivotal role in shaping and maintaining a company’s brand identity through written content
(3-10 yrs)

Ready to make the shift ? If you are tired & done with city life and think you for a new wave-of-life, give us a shout with your resume at careers@wrkwrk.in