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Morning & Evening Sessions

Yoga & Surfing: Harmonizing Body and Wave

Elevate your surfing experience with our invigorating yoga sessions at India’s First Surf School in Mulki, Mangalore, Karnataka. Our yoga classes are thoughtfully designed to complement your surf sessions, providing you with a holistic approach to wellness and performance.

Yoga: Before and After the Waves

Experience the perfect harmony of yoga and surfing. Engage in our rejuvenating pre-surf yoga sessions to prepare your body, enhance flexibility, and create mental focus before you hit the waves. After surfing, our post-surf yoga classes help ease tired muscles, release tension, and promote relaxation. Embrace the synergy of these activities for a complete and invigorating coastal experience.


Morning Yoga Sessions


Start your day with vitality as you immerse yourself in our 1-hour basic introductory Ashtanga yoga class. This rejuvenating session is not only a perfect warm-up for your morning surf but also an essential practice to enhance your flexibility, balance, and mental clarity. Stretching your muscles before hitting the waves reduces the risk of sprains and ensures you’re primed for an incredible surf experience. Led by a certified instructor, this class guides you through postures and breathing techniques, setting the tone for a day of both serenity and adventure.

    EveningYoga Sessions


    Beginner 5-day Surf Course at Mantra Surf Club

    Wind down your day with tranquility in our 1-hour evening Ashtanga yoga class. This session is tailored to help you unwind after your surf adventures, releasing tension in your muscles and calming your mind. It’s a wonderful way to transition from the excitement of the day to a peaceful evening, allowing you to enjoy rejuvenating sleep and wake up refreshed for new experiences. Whether you’re looking to alleviate tiredness, soothe sore muscles, or simply cultivate a sense of relaxation, our certified instructor will guide you through the practice, ensuring you find balance and restoration.

    Our Ashtanga yoga classes are thoughtfully designed to complement your surfing adventure. In our 1-hour sessions, you’ll receive expert guidance from a certified instructor. The classes cover basic introductory Ashtanga yoga, focusing on stretching, balance, and mindfulness. Whether you join us for the energizing morning class or the calming evening session, you’ll learn essential yoga postures and techniques that enhance your overall well-being. Embrace the opportunity to nurture your body and mind, ensuring a holistic and fulfilling experience during your time with us.

    Yoga and surfing form a symbiotic relationship, enhancing your physical prowess and mental clarity. These classes are designed to prepare you for the surf, aid your recovery, and cultivate a deeper connection between your body and mind. Join us in these transformative yoga sessions and immerse yourself in the perfect blend of wellness and adventure. Please let us know in advance if you’d like to join either the morning or evening class.

    Experience the synergy of yoga and surfing at Mantra Surf Club. Book your yoga session now and embark on a journey of holistic well-being and surf-empowered vitality.

    Experience a holistic approach to well-being with our wellness programs, offered in collaboration with Samudra Wellness Retreat. Indulge in rejuvenating herbal massages, explore the benefits of meditation and pranayama, and discover a range of naturopathy treatments. These carefully curated programs are designed to enhance your overall health and inner harmony, aligning perfectly with the spirit of Mantra Surf Club. Embrace a journey of self-care and find tranquility amidst the waves.