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Corporate Events

Surf, Sun, and Success

Mantra Surf Club offers an ideal setting for corporate events that are both unique and memorable. Whether you’re planning team-building activities, workshops, or simply a refreshing getaway, our picturesque beachfront location and a wide range of water and outdoor experiences create the perfect backdrop for productive and enjoyable corporate gatherings. With our professional instructors and a commitment to safety, your team can bond, learn, and relax amidst the beauty of the sea, making your corporate event a truly remarkable experience.

Young Indians

Yi’s mission to strengthen the future of India gives a stage and voice to the country’s next generation of changemakers. It aims to instill in young minds the power of leadership, enhance the youth entrepreneurial ecosystem, and create youth-led changes to build the nation.

We were happy to host these young, innovative, and dynamic minds at our Surf Club and have them experience the Mantra lifestyle. And of course, all the members loved it so much that this is now an annual event where we get to see more and more amazing Young Indians every year!


One needs no introduction to GoPro, the largest and the best action camera company in the world for all the good reasons. We have been using GoPro action cameras here at the club since the very first GoPro camera came out into the market and we have been able to create some amazing content throughout the years. So much so that Rammohan Paranjape is an official GoPro ambassador in India. 

We have hosted GoPro content creators several times here at Mantra Surf Club and have had official Gopro x Mantra events. The GoPro Hero 8 India Launch happened right here with surfing as the main highlight.  

“Mantra Surf Club: Where Business Meets Adventure. Dive into corporate events that inspire and bond, all by the sea.”