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Mantra Franchise


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Who We Are

Being one of the early pioneers of surfing in India, We at Mantra are a passionate and goal-oriented team. We have built a strong reputation and expertise in running water sports activities for almost 20 years. Today Water Sports industry is one of the most lucrative industries to get involved in the travel and adventure sector. We believe that the market in India is still untapped and has a huge potential for expansion. 

What We Offer

With over 20 years of water sports industry experience, the founders of Mantra Surf Club have been involved at the very top of the watersports industry in India, managing and consulting on some of country’s most successful watersports centres and government programs. We have also been instrumental in the development of training of instructors, safety legislation, operational procedures, equipment procurement and income generation ideas currently employed by many across India. We are currently offering our services to leading hotel chains, resorts, leisure activity companies, and surf schools.

Mantra’s Hallmark Qualities

  1. Unparalleled Expertise
  2. World-Class Safety
  3. Best of Equipment
  4. International Standards

Who Can Partner With Us

  1. Hotels & Resorts
  2. Water Sports Centres
  3. Beach Properties
  4. Individuals (with an interest in developing water sports)

What Are The Benefits

  1. Franchisee Model under Mantra
  2. World- Class Equipment at the best rates
  3. Management of Water Sports Centre
  4. Training of Personnel
  5. Survey of Location