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+91 83103 84842 Mulki, Mangalore, Karnataka

Mantra Rescue Team

Mantra Rescue Team was formed right after a 2018 flood incident in Mangalore. The idea was suggested to Panchayat by Deputy Commissioner of Mangalore, knowing our (Mantra Surf Club) expertise in ocean and water safety.

We have been involved with ocean water sports for well over a decade now and we have the necessary equipment, skills, and knowledge to safely handle the unprecedented floods. And it is our duty to carry out search and rescue operations wherever severe flooding puts lives at risk.

Flood waters are extremely unpredictable and pose many dangers to the community living by the ocean and rivers. It is our aim to lend our support to these communities during these kinds of calamities and also promote swimming under Surfing Swami Foundation among the local community which is a crucial skill to be known among the fishermen community.

If anyone wishes to donate to the cause please refer to Surfing Swami Foundation or write us a message.

Here is a couple of ways you can help :

  • Donate money to the foundation so that we can invest in more necessary equipment like lifejackets, inflatable boats, long distance flashlights, waterproof walkie talkie, etc.
  • If you are someone who is nearby, you could come to assist us in the operation.