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Buy from our own Surf Shop of India at Mantra Surf Club!

Wondering what to wear for surfing? Or looking for a premium quality surf clothing?

We have our own in-house brand called ThunderMonkey Surf Gear that deals with all surf & water sports-related apparel and equipment. The brand was born out of a simple idea of creating quality surf and adventure water sports apparel and accessories for the growing community in India.

After being in the surf industry for a good 20 years and learning everything there is about surfing and water sports, we came up with the 'best in the industry' surf shop with best surf clothing, accessories, and much more. We are also proud that our products are designed & made in India by adopting the “Make in India” initiative.


Why you should consider buying surf clothing from our surf shop.

While you can surf wearing a regular t-shirt and swim shorts, we strongly recommend wearing rash guards and board shorts. Rash guards not only protect you from rashes caused by the foam board but it also protects you from UV-rays of the sun. You shouldn't have to worry about the sun to surf a little longer. 

Rashguards and board shorts are made of flexible spandex material. This is light and helps you perform much better in the water. A regular t-shirt or shorts might get sticky, heavy & uncomfortable after getting wet.

Our rash guards are made from premium fabric that is soft and elastic offering UPF 50 sun protection. Our board shorts are made of a 4 way stretchy material that is a mix of polyester and spandex and clean trendy design. This makes our surf shorts efficient for serious water sports activity or works as a comfortable casual wear.

Note - You are supporting the environment and helping the local kids when you buy products from our surf shop. A lot of the profits go to help the activities of Surfing Swami Foundation.

Can I wear them for other activities?

One of the best things about surf clothing is that you can wear them for anything! You can wear boardshorts at gym, or for riding a bicycle, running, tennis, etc... you get the point! It’s light and the quick-dry feature makes it convenient to wear for sports. It can also be a casual wear at the beach. We always come up with trendy designs.

Rash guards can be used for swimming in the pool, or even for outdoor activities during sunny days. The UPF 50 sun protection feature comes in handy if you want to stay safe under the sun.

All this comes at a very reasonable price. Board shorts cost you only Rs.1600 and Rashguard costs Rs.2000 (At the Club). We use quality fabric and have precision stitching.

We hope you found this page informative. For more information about ThunderMonkey Surf Gear please visit our website or buy directly online here.