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Elevate Your Surf Experience with ThunderMonkey Surf Gear

When you hit the waves, why settle for anything less than optimal comfort and protection? At our surf shop, we offer a range of surf clothing that not only enhances your performance but also keeps you safe and stylish while riding those waves. While a regular t-shirt and swim shorts might suffice, we urge you to consider the advantages of investing in rash guards and board shorts for your surfing escapades.

Ride the Waves in Style with ThunderMonkey Surf Gear

Surf smarter and look cooler with ThunderMonkey Surf Gear, the perfect blend of fashion and function for every surfer.

Stay Protected and Perform Better

Rash guards are your shield against rashes caused by the board’s foam, and they provide a barrier against the sun’s harmful UV-rays. Say goodbye to worrying about sunburns and hello to extended surf sessions. Crafted from flexible spandex, these guards provide a lightweight and comfortable fit that allows for improved movement in the water. Unlike regular clothing, rash guards remain light and comfortable even when wet, ensuring you’re at the top of your game.

Our premium rash guards are designed with soft, elastic UPF 50 fabric that guarantees sun protection, while our board shorts boast a 4-way stretch material blend of polyester and spandex, ensuring both functionality and style. Whether you’re riding the waves or simply enjoying a day by the shore, our surf clothing has you covered.


More Than Just Surf Gear

By purchasing from our surf shop, you’re not only elevating your surf experience but also contributing to a greater cause. A significant portion of the profits from your purchase supports the Surfing Swami Foundation and its initiatives to help local kids. Your choice has a positive impact on both your experience and the community.

Versatility at Its Finest

The beauty of surf clothing lies in its versatility. Board shorts seamlessly transition from the waves to the gym, cycling, running, and beyond. Quick-dry technology ensures comfort even during intense activities. Rash guards aren’t limited to the surf; they’re perfect for pool swimming and outdoor adventures. The UPF 50 protection adds an extra layer of safety against the sun’s rays.

Affordable Quality

At ThunderMonkey Surf Gear, quality doesn’t come at a premium. Our board shorts are available at just Rs.1800, while the superior rash guards are priced at Rs.2200 (Club Price). We prioritize quality fabric and impeccable stitching, ensuring that your investment lasts through countless waves and adventures.


Upgrade Your Surf Wardrobe Today

Discover the perfect blend of performance, style, and protection with our ThunderMonkey Surf Gear. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a novice eager to catch your first wave, our surf clothing is your key to a comfortable, stylish, and safe surfing experience. Visit our website or shop directly online to explore the collection that will redefine your time on the waves.

Embrace the waves with confidence and style, knowing that ThunderMonkey Surf Gear has your back. From the sparkling waters to the sun-kissed shores, our surf clothing is designed to enhance your experience in every way. Whether you’re carving through waves, engaging in other sports, or simply enjoying the beach, our rash guards and board shorts provide the ultimate combination of functionality and fashion. By choosing ThunderMonkey, you’re not only equipping yourself for the waves, but you’re also supporting a cause that empowers local communities through the Surfing Swami Foundation. Dive into a world of comfort, protection, and purpose – upgrade your surf wardrobe today and ride the waves like never before.