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Surfing Swami Foundation 

Empowering Through Waves of Change

Surfing Swami Foundation – Where Champions of Tomorrow are Made

In the heart of India’s coastal landscape, the Surfing Swami Foundation emerges as a beacon of transformation, seamlessly blending the world of water sports with education, empowerment, and environmental stewardship. Guided by the visionary Jack “Swami” Hebner, this foundation stands as a testament to the profound impact that surfing and related water activities can have on individuals, communities, and the environment.

Beyond the surface of the waves lies a mission that transcends boundaries. The Surfing Swami Foundation is committed to introducing surfing and water sports to local boys and girls, offering them more than just a physical outlet. It’s a pathway to personal growth and community development. Through the gift of free equipment, scholarships, and vital environmental education, the foundation empowers young minds to embrace principles of sustainability, compassion, and responsibility.

As the waves kiss the shore, a deep connection with the oceans is forged. Here, the thrill of riding waves converges with the wisdom of environmental awareness, cultivating a generation that excels not only in sports but also as custodians of ocean preservation.

Rooted in the belief that sports can ignite positive change, the Surfing Swami Foundation sparks a transformation in young lives, nurturing values of resilience, discipline, and the strength of community. With a collaborative spirit and unwavering commitment, the foundation envisions a world where the joy of water sports intertwines seamlessly with the values that lead to a harmonious coexistence with nature.

In every wave conquered, in every young mind enriched, and in every environmental lesson learned, the Surfing Swami Foundation stands as a symbol of empowerment, inspiration, and the beauty of using sports to create a better world.

We at Mantra Surf Club proudly stand alongside the Surfing Swami Foundation as regular supporters of their remarkable endeavors. Our commitment to the foundation’s cause is reflected in our dedication to channel a majority of our profits towards supporting their noble activities. Together, we embark on a journey that encompasses not just the thrill of riding waves, but the responsibility of nurturing the future of our oceans and communities.

Join us in our shared mission as we ride the waves of change, inspire the next generation, and create a legacy of empowerment and environmental consciousness through the Surfing Swami Foundation.

To know more about how you can help – Please visit Surfing Swami Foundation Website.


With boundless gratitude, we honor the waves of wisdom and inspiration that Surfing Swami has gifted to our journey and the vibrant surfing culture of India.