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Surfing Swami Foundation

A Non-Profit Organization Promoting Surfing, Water Sports & Ocean Awareness in India.

Welcome to the Surfing Swami Foundation [SSF]. Inspired by its founder Jack "Swami" Hebner, the Surfing Swami Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to introducing surfing and related water sports in India — providing free equipment, school scholarships, and environmental awareness training for village girls and boys.

Mantra Surf Club's role in the Foundation

Mantra has been a regular contributor to the Foundation since the beginning. Mantra had been doing all the above activities for well over a decade without bringing it much to the notice of the global surfing community. However, in 2014 an official organization was formed under Surfing Swami's guidance to have a more focused and consistent program.

Activities and Programs of the Surfing Swami Foundation

Today, Surfing Swami Foundation supports more than 50 kids in surf training, provides yearly school scholarships to some of these kids, and organizes massive beach cleanup programs.

How you can Help!

Please do visit the official site here and see how you can help!

All members at the Foundation are volunteers. You are also welcome to take part in our programs.

Many of our visitors have been inspired to make financial contributions toward SSF. Funds, as well as surf gear, are always in great demand in the villages; surfboards, board shorts, booties, rash guards, board wax, etc. All these items, new or used, can be contributed if you would like to help us put the stoke in some kid’s life.

Lets spread the stoke. Together we can do more. Just contact us. Thanks for reading.