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Indian Open of Surfing

National Surfing Championship, Panambur Beach, Mangalore

27th to 29th May 2022


ORGANIZING AUTHORITY: Mantra Surf Club is under the aegis of the Surfing Federation of India.

  1.     RULES

1.1   The championship is governed by ISA Rules 2022.

1.2   If there is a conflict between languages, English text will take precedence.

1.3.  No participant substitution is permitted once registered.

1.4  Additional Rules referenced in the Notice of Event and Event Instructions may apply.

  • 2.1  Advertising is permitted in accordance with ISA Rules.
  • 2.2  Boards/athletes are required to display advertising chosen and/or supplied by the OA.
  • 2.3  Participants will be responsible for keeping such advertising visible throughout the championship.


3.1  For eligibility ISA rule in Chapter 2 Section 1 will apply. The registration process will be as per ISA Rule Chapter 2 Section 2. The championship is open to Indian surfers and paddlers Indian passport holders and foreign nationals as defined in this NOR.
Non-Indian passport holders who have contested before in SFI events can only take part through an accredited surf school. No points would be allocated but prize money would be awarded.

3.2  Mantra Surf Club will have final authority on eligibility.

3.3  Registration Fees are applicable for the event depending on the category and whether Surf/SUP is accredited or not.

3.4 The last date for registration is 20th May 2022. The link for registration will be available on https://surfingfederationofindia.org and e-mailed to all SFI-accredited surf schools

3.5  Late entry will not be accepted into this championship

3.6 The fee includes entry to the competition, a t-shirt for two days of the event, and free access to all shore-based events for each registered participant

3.7 In the event of inclement weather or in order to ensure safety, the OA may decide to modify the race or cancel or interrupt the Championship. In such cases, the Entry fees will not be returned. This applies, with no limitation to exceptionally adverse weather conditions, war, mobilization, requisition, embargo, fire, flooding, strike, or any blocking of the facilities caused by an event outside the control of the OA.

3.8  The entry categories & criteria will be as follows


Participation in Groms Category: (Male: Age 16 & Under)

  • Total of 32 slots in the Groms Category.
  • SFI-accredited Surf Schools can nominate 2 surfers per accredited school.
  • Registration fee Rs 500

Participation in Open Category: (Male: Age 17 & Above)

  • A total of 56 slots in the Open Category
  • The top 16 surfers from previous SFI events will get automatic entry into the IOS event, after registration.
  • The remaining 40 slots are allocated to SFI Accredited Surf Schools who can nominate 2 surfers per accredited school (apart from the top 16).
  • Registration fee Rs 1000

Participation in Groms & Open Category: (Female)

  • SFI accredited Surf Schools can nominate 2 female surfers per category per accredited school. (Shortboard only allowed).
  • Registration fee Rs 500



SUP Technical Race – 2 km (Only Race-boards 12’6 or under allowed)

  • Men Open Category
  • Women Open Category

Registration fee of Rs 1000 for Accredited Surf Schools and Rs 2000 for Non-Accredited.

Special note: 

  1. Online Registrations will open on the 15th of May and close on 22nd of May 2022 at https://surfingfederationofindia.org/ios-registration-2022/
  2. A minimum of 6 participants is required to run any category.
  3. Ages are taken from 01 January 2022.
  4. 30% TDS would be deducted on Prize Money above Rs 10,000/-
  5. Non-Indian passport holders who have contested before in SFI events can only take part – no points would be allocated but prize money would be awarded
  6. No on-spot registrations.
  7. Your registration fee covers your entry to participate in 1 category + 1 discipline only.
  8. Participants should make their own accommodations, transport, and meals during the competition.
  9. Participants should carry their own face masks, water bottles, and towels for the event.
  10. Participants must maintain social distancing and follow all COVID-19 protocols set by the government.
  11. Participants must carry their own equipment, spares & repairs, no gear will be provided in any category (If you wish to rent any equipment you should contact the host school directly).
  12. You can also check the SFI Rulebook for surf contest rules on the website.

3.9 An athlete may be able to participate in a maximum of one category event per sport only.


All payments for registration should be made to the QR code below:

Payment transaction details must be shared via WhatsApp with the Participant’s name for tracking purposes.

  1.     FORMAT 

4.1   The event format will be as per ISA Rule book Chapter 2 Section 3.

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  1.     SCHEDULE

5.1   The schedule is as follows:-

[wptb id=1737]

5.2   The equipment inspection schedule will be posted on the Official Notice Board (ONB) prior to inspection day.

5.3    The Instructions will define the process for the publication of the daily race schedule, including the allocation of events.


6.1 All boards shall be inspected, measured & registered to the participant (sharing of equipment is not allowed within the same category) in accordance with the SFI Rules, each participant must have the following equipment:

For Surf

  1. Surfboard b. Surfboard Leg Rope (leash)

For StandUp Paddle

  1. SUP Board b. SUP Paddle c. SUP board leash.

6.2 The Technical Committee (TC) will be appointed. The TC is responsible for all equipment inspection functions. The TC is the ‘responsible authority for the purposes of equipment inspection). and it shall be the authority for determining if the equipment complies with the Rules and their interpretation.

6.3    Boards will be inspected for compliance with rules at any time during the event.

6.4    Repairs or replacements required afloat shall be notified to the TC prior to the start of the next race. If there is no time to notify the TC prior to the start of the next race, the repair or replacement shall be notified to the Race Committee or a member of the PC prior to the start of the next race. Then it shall be reported ashore in writing to the TC within the protest time limit and both the damaged equipment and replaced equipment shall be presented.


The Event Instructions will be provided to the participants on the Judges’ briefing prior to the start of the event on the 26th of April.

  1.     VENUE

The Event will take place at Panambur Beach, Mangalore Location Link

  1.     COURSE

The Course for each format of the event will be published in the EI


Infringement and technical infringement penalties will be published in the EI. The Penalties will be as per SFI Rule Chapter 2 Section 3 (c).


11.1  A support vessel includes any vessel that is under the control or direction of a support person including any person gathering data that may be used at a later time.

11.2  The support person/coaches and trainers have to register with the OA. They are not to provide any support while races are in progress. No support vessels other than the OA are permitted during the event. No cheering squad or outside vessels are allowed without prior approval of the OA. Any disregard of this rule will result in the disqualification of the participants associated with the person/coaches.


12.1    For nationals in any category, only Race Boards will be used. The OA has a few boards and equipment which may be provided to the participants. Priority will be given to the ranking athletes on a first come first serve basis with charter/rental fees of Rs. 1,000/- per board. The chartered SUP boards will include a board, paddle & leash.

12.2   Charter period that will start from 0800 hours of 27th May to 1800 hours of 29th May 22. For other periods the charter fee is Rs. 1,500 per day comprising 8 hours.


13.1     The scoring principle will be published in the RI.

13.2     Trophies and cash Prizes will be awarded to the participants ranked top three in each class/category. The following medals/prizes will be awarded –

13.3   30% TDS would be deducted on Prize Money above Rs 10,000/-

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A Protest Committee (PC) will be appointed as per ISA rules Chapter 2 Section 3 (D). The Chairman PC will chair the PC.


The OA may change the Notice of Race. Any such changes will be posted on the Official Notice Board (ONB) at the Regatta office near the venue and also intimated by mail to the participants.


Competitors are reminded of the rules and regulations concerning the use of banned methods and substances, which are contained in ISF Rules Chapter 2, Section 3 (A) in the Anti-Doping  Code. Doping control may take place during the regatta.


Competitors and support personnel participate in the regatta entirely at their own risk. The Organizing Authority, or any other race officials and volunteers, will not accept any liability for material damage or personal injury, or death sustained in conjunction with or prior to, during, or after the competition.

  1.     INSURANCE

The safety of the board and equipment after handover and during the event shall be the sole in-escapable responsibility of the participants. All the participants are to have appropriate insurance for themselves and their own equipment.


Each entrant must sign the indemnity declaration on the Entry Form before the

event. If under 18, the parent or guardian must sign.


Participants will have to reach the venue on their own and make their accommodation and transport arrangements. The details of accommodation available near the venue are placed in the addendum.


21.1   The ISA prohibits any mechanical/electronic communication device, (including megaphones) that links a competitor in the action of competing with another party during ISA competitive events. Various other team officials [including the coach] may use this communication in the contest area

22.2   The means of communication are allowed only for the purpose of emergencies, safety, and weather reports. Each team should declare their communication equipment to the OA


By entering this event, the owner (or charterer), participants and support staff on competing boards grant at no cost the absolute right and permission to use their names, voice, images, likenesses, and biographical material, as well as representation of their board in any media (including television, print and internet). SFI Rule in Chapter 2 Section 3 (D) will apply.


Team leader, Team manager or designated person as point-of-contact for each participant shall provide an email address and mobile phone number to Event office/ OA

  1.     COVID 19 PROTOCOL

The event will at all times comply with the local guidelines and rules regarding the COVID-19 pandemic.


The competitors and their support staff shall not intentionally put trash in the water while afloat.


Contest Director – Nawaz Jabbar – 97876 03377
Head Judge – Shamanth Kumar – 70224 08328

  1.     Location of Competition  Venue (Google map)-