Meet Surfing Swami - The Original Pioneer of Surfing in India

Introducing Surfing to India and Establishing the First Surf School

Surfing Swami [Jack Hebner] is credited as being the original pioneer of surfing in India, having first brought the sport to India’s shores in 1976. In 2002 Swami established Mantra Surf Club near Mangalore, Karnataka. Mantra Surf Club and the ’Surfing Swami have since appeared in over 300 newspaper and magazines worldwide since 2009.

Establishment of Surfing Federation of India

During these years Swami also inspired the founding of the Surfing Federation of India [SFI] with local youth and became their patron, mentor, and coach for the Surf Team India. Surf film director Taylor Steel sought Swami’s participation in the production of “Castles in the Sky” featuring several surf destinations in India, thus launching the sport of surfing in India onto the international stage.

Surf Team India

Swami has been behind the spreading of surfing in India via the organization of several National Surf Events attracting the media and corporate participation. Inspired by Swami in 2015 members of Surf Team India became the first Indian surfers to participate in a WSL event in Hainan, China. In 2015 members of Mantra Surf Club under Swami’s tutelage guided the Rip Curl Search for Surf in the Lakshadweep Islands. Swami’s team has also guided surfers from numerous international surf magazines thru the mysterious waters of India.

Establishment of Surfing Swami Foundation

In 2014 Surfing Swami singlehandedly began the work of the Surfing Swami Foundation [SSF], funding all its activities personally. As of February 2017, the Surfing Swami Foundation has been officially registered with the government of India and is presently poised to expand the activities of SSF with the help of our Co-Vice Chairmen Paddy Upton & Jonty Rhodes and the Directors Dhananjay Shetty, Kiran Kumar and Shamanth Kumar.

Inspired by the founder Jack "Swami" Hebner, the Surfing Swami Foundation is a nonprofit and non-sectarian organization dedicated to helping teach surfing and environmental awareness to children, orphans, and handicapped persons of any age or gender.

Additionally, the SSF helps local children with school supplies, medical needs and personal instruction in fundamental character development — thus helping to educate and create a generation of individuals with an enhanced feeling of environmental awareness, social responsibility and a love for surfing.

Surfing Swami - Original Pioneer of Surfing in India