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Surfing Swami 

Godfather of Indian Surfing in India

Honoring the Legacy of Surfing Swami: Champion of India’s Surfing Culture


Surfing Swami, a true visionary and dedicated pioneer, forever transformed the shores of India. His remarkable journey began as a young surfer on the East Coast of the United States in the 1960s. In 1976, he etched his name in history by introducing surfing to India’s coastline, laying the foundation for Mantra Surf Club near Mangalore, Karnataka, in 2004.

Guided by his unwavering passion, Surfing Swami orchestrated a series of groundbreaking initiatives that have shaped the vibrant surfing culture of India. In 2005, the launch of an inclusive and informative website marked the beginning of surf tourism in the country. Two years later, the inception of Mantra Surf Club as India’s first surf school empowered enthusiasts to embrace the waves.

But his impact transcended the sport. Under his leadership, the Surfing Federation of India emerged in 2011, propelling the growth of surfing across the nation. Collaborations with renowned filmmakers and surf magazines amplified India’s presence on the global surfing map, celebrating its stunning breaks and rich culture.

Beyond accolades, Surfing Swami’s legacy is a testament to his profound dedication. In 2014, he initiated the Surfing Swami Foundation, a symbol of his enduring commitment to teaching surfing and nurturing environmental awareness, transcending social boundaries.

Today, Mantra Surf Club and its members stand as a tribute to the remarkable journey of Surfing Swami. His contributions have not only instilled a love for the ocean but have also fostered a sense of community, wisdom, and gratitude. We humbly honor his legacy, forever grateful for the waves of inspiration he brought to our lives.

With boundless gratitude, we honor the waves of wisdom and inspiration that Surfing Swami has gifted to our journey and the vibrant surfing culture of India.