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Our volunteering program is structured more as a learning program in exchange for work at Mantra Surf Club for a duration of 30 days. In this duration, you will learn surfing, kayaking, stand-up paddling, ocean dynamics, how to read currents and tides, how to rescue a person with the help of equipment and so much more.

Who is this program for?

This program is for those who are serious about outdoor activities, but at the same time also understands the working of a community. We require people with a professional attitude who are ready to work with others as a team and keep up the spirits of everyone around.

The work here at the surf club is indeed quite demanding. Our activities start early in the morning by 6:45 and will go on until 7 in the evening. This work will consist of assisting our instructors with surf lessons, leading kayaking trips, leading paddle boarding trips, cycling trips, helping in the kitchen with cooking, serving food for the guests, help with cleaning campus, equipment, rooms, and whatever else needs to be done.

There is no set list of things that you as a volunteer will be doing, rather it will be a mix of all kinds of activities that will help you learn a whole range of activities and skills.

All in all, this program is designed for someone who is serious about water sports, community living, hard-working, and looking to connect with people wholeheartedly.



What you will learn

  1. Surfing & Other water sports- You will learn a good bit about surfing, and all the water sports activities that we offer here with a very deep and clear understanding.
  2. Ocean awareness - You will be involved with many of our ocean awareness programs, including cleaning the beaches, understanding ocean tides and currents, rescuing a drowning person with the help of safety/rescue equipment, etc.
  3. Leadership and organizational skills - You will be heading a lot of water sports trips that will require you to be an instructor and lead the group safely and provide them with a good experience. This will improve your leadership qualities and help you with organizational skills.
  4. Team Work - At any given point, you will be sharing your activities and work with like-minded individuals who are travelers, hitchhikers, and professionals in their own walks of life. Here, you will all be working together to create a wholesome, safe, and fun atmosphere for our students.

What will be included with your program

  1. Accommodation - You will be provided with shared accommodation with bunk beds and lockers. You will be expected to clean your own rooms and wash your own clothes.
  2. Food - You will be provided with 2 wholesome vegetarian meals every day (brunch and dinner). Fruit will be provided pre-surf in the morning.
  3. Use of all the equipment - While you are volunteering here with us, you will have access to all the equipment such as surfboards, kayaks, Paddleboards, cycles, and other things under the supervision of instructors.
  4. High-speed internet and workplace - As we mentioned, our program is quite demanding and mostly your day will be occupied with learning and helping us with activities and work. But for those days when you are free and have time to work on your own things, there is very good wifi with high-speed internet and a good workspace.

What to expect and not expect during your volunteering here.

It’s important to set your expectations right before you come here so that we are all on the same page.

You are expected to

  1. - learn a lot about surfing, get better at the sport and understand more about the ocean and open waters in general.
  2. - have fun, meet with a lot of like-minded people, and make good friendships.
  3. - always be engaged in some activity or work at the campus and constantly learn.
  4. - always be enthusiastic about any activity/work assigned to you.
  5. - maintain a professional attitude toward students, instructors, and other volunteers.
  6. - understand, respect, and uphold the principles, standards, and values of Mantra Surf Club.
  7. - be respectful to all the students, instructors, and other volunteers. Basically everyone you meet during your stay here.
  8. - be presentable, fresh, and professionally dressed. ( You can always ask us about the dress code if you have any doubts)


  1. We have a very strict policy against smoking, any form of alcohol consumption, and any form of drug abuse during your entire duration of volunteering. (Inside/outside the campus)
  2. We do not tolerate any form of inappropriate comments, actions, or advances toward any of our guests, students, instructors, or other volunteers.
  3. We do not allow any non-vegetarian food inside the campus.

If found guilty of breaking any of these above-mentioned rules, the volunteering program will be terminated immediately and you will be required to leave the campus.

Please do note that the minimum duration for volunteering is 1 month
Please do note that on confirmation of the slot, you will be charged a non-refundable fee of Rs.2000/- for volunteering at Mantra Surf Club.