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Volunteer Learning Program at Mantra Surf Club: Dive into a World of Skills and Adventure

Join our immersive volunteer program for a 30-day learning experience at Mantra Surf Club. Discover the ins and outs of surfing, kayaking, stand-up paddling, and more. This is your chance to gain comprehensive ocean knowledge, master water sports, and develop essential life skills.

At Mantra Surf Club, we’re more than a team – we’re a family united by our passion for the ocean and a shared commitment to an active and purposeful lifestyle. Our close-knit community embraces the values of camaraderie, respect, and a love for nature, fostering a supportive environment where everyone’s unique talents contribute to a holistic approach to wellness and adventure.

Who is this program for?

Serious outdoor enthusiasts who value community dynamics and professionalism. Ideal for those ready to work as part of a team and contribute positively to the Mantra Surf Club community. Expect to embrace a demanding routine and share an empowering atmosphere.

Work Details: From 6:45 AM to 7 PM, engage in various tasks ranging from assisting instructors, leading water sports activities, guiding trips, and helping in the kitchen and maintenance. Expect a blend of activities to enrich your skill set and experience.

✔ Dive deep into surfing and water sports.
✔ Foster new friendships and enjoy the company of like-minded individuals.
✔ Embrace constant learning and engagement.
✔ Maintain a professional demeanor and uphold our values.
✔ Respect everyone you encounter at Mantra Surf Club.
✔ Dress professionally and adhere to our code of conduct.

Program Inclusions:
✔ Shared accommodation with bunk beds and lockers.
✔ Wholesome vegetarian meals (brunch and dinner) along with pre-surf fruits.
✔ Access to equipment like surfboards, kayaks, paddleboards, and cycles under instructor supervision.
✔ High-speed internet and workspace for personal tasks.
✔ A dynamic environment that encourages growth and skill enhancement.


Our Guidelines:

You are expected to:

  • Immerse yourself in ocean and water sports learning.
  • Embrace fun, friendship, and continuous learning.
  • Contribute actively to campus activities.
  • Approach tasks with enthusiasm and professionalism.
  • Respect and uphold Mantra Surf Club’s values.

You must not:

  • Engage in smoking, alcohol, or drug consumption on or off-campus.
  • Display inappropriate behavior or comments towards anyone.
  • Bring non-vegetarian food inside the campus.

Consequences of Non-Compliance: Any breach of guidelines may lead to immediate termination of the program and removal from the campus. Our commitment to a focused and responsible learning environment is paramount.

Apply now to embark on an intensive learning journey that promises personal growth, new friendships, and unmatched water sports expertise.

Please do note that volunteering duration is minimum 30 days! We don’t accept any requests for less than 30 days. 

    Join the Mantra Surf Club family and embark on a journey that transcends the ordinary. As you become part of our vibrant community, you’ll not only gain valuable skills and experiences but also discover the joys of an active lifestyle, surrounded by nature’s beauty and a team that feels like home. Whether you’re riding the waves, guiding others to surf, or capturing our story through content creation, your contributions will shape a healthier, more exhilarating world. With accommodations, delicious food, and the thrill of adventure at your fingertips, working at Mantra Surf Club isn’t just a job – it’s a fulfilling way of life.