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+91 83103 84842 Mulki, Mangalore, Karnataka

Learn Surfing in India at Mantra Surf Club

Learn Surfing in India at the first surf school in India. We offer 3 days, 5 days, 7 days, 10 days and 1 month courses. Get your surf lessons from ISA certified instructors at our own private beach at Mulki near Mangalore. We offer Private or Group Surf Lessons. We cater to students, corporate trips, family vacations, and much more!

  • Surfboard rentals are available in all sizes. Softboards for safety and ease of learning.
  • Safety is our #1 priority. We provide Life Jackets, first aid, and ISA certified instructors at all times.
  • Private beach and a sun shelter to hang out and relax.
  • Certificate of course completion by the instructor at the end of your stay.

Surf Courses:

Surfing for Beginners – 3-day surf Course.

Learn surfing in just 3 days at Mantra Surf Club by taking our most popular 3 days- beginner surf course. Catch your own white water wave!

Learn to Surf in 5 Days

Learn to surf in 5 days at mantra surf club by taking our most concise 5 days- learn to surf course! Catch your own wave!

Intermediate Surf Course (Level 1) – 7 Days

Become an intermediate surfer in just 7 days by taking our intermediate surf course at Mantra Surf Club under professional ISA certified instructors.

Intermediate Surf Course (Level 2) – 10 Days

Become a level 2 intermediate surfer in 10 days by taking our intermediate surf course at Mantra Surf Club under professional ISA certified instructors.

Become a Surfer with our 1-month surf course.

Become a Surfer with our 'Advanced Surf Course' - You will get in-depth coaching in surfing.

Why surf with us?

Learn surfing from the pioneers of surfing in India. Surfing Swami (Jack Hebner) and Babaji (Rick Perry) brought surfing into India over 40 years ago and after over 20 years of traveling and surfing, they would go on to establish India's first surf camp. We have traveled all over India and have surfed for well over a decade in all kinds of waves. We bring a lot of international experience and fun into your surf lessons.

All our instructors are certified by ISA (International Surfing Association). Whether you are an experienced swimmer or this is your first time in the ocean, our instructors will make sure that you have a great time in the water and by the end of the third day, you will be sure to catch some of your own waves.

We give a new definition to surfing holidays. Our experienced and friendly staff will make sure this surf trip is one you will never forget.

Why Mulki?

We are situated on the west coast of Karnataka in a small beautiful quiet village called Mulki near Mangalore. We traveled all over India for years before we selected this ideal paradise to learn surfing. Why?

1. Safety -  NO SHARKS or OTHER SEA MONSTERS. We have one of the safest waters in the world. It’s a beautiful sandy beach with no rocks or corals, so you don’t have to worry about falling off the board while surfing. The waves are ideal for learning throughout the year except during the monsoon, we are closed from the end of May to early September

2. Clean - Yes, actual clean beaches (we clean them) where you won’t be bombarded with strangers. We conduct lessons on our private beach, where it’s just you, our instructors, and the vast beautiful ocean!

3. People & Lifestyle - This region also called the “Tulunadu” and is one of the most culturally rich places in South India. There are always local festivals and the people are super friendly! So when you are not surfing, you can take a stroll through the village or bike into the town and find some amazing stuff!