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Learn Surfing in India at
Mantra Surf Club


Ride the Waves of Excellence in Mulki

Learn Surfing in India in Just 3 Days! Your Gateway to Surfing Excellence

Experience the excitement of surfing at Mantra Surf Club in Mulki, Mangalore. Our club welcomes surfers of all levels to enjoy the thrill of riding waves in a beautiful coastal paradise. We prioritize safety, provide skilled instructors, and offer structured lessons for a complete surfing experience.

Beginner 3-day Surf Course at Mantra Surf Club

Beginner Surf Lessons: Building a Foundation for Confidence

Our beginner surf lessons are a great start for new surfers. In just three to five days, our certified instructors will teach you the basics in a safe and supportive environment. You’ll learn important skills like paddling, standing up on the board, and riding the fun whitewater waves. We welcome swimmers of all levels for a fun and empowering learning experience.

Beginner 3-day Surf Course at Mantra Surf Club

Intermediate Surf Courses: Crafting Proficiency at Your Own Pace

At Mantra Surf Club, we’re happy to welcome surfers of all levels, even beginners. Our intermediate surf courses are designed to give you a strong foundation and help you progress comfortably. With our certified instructors in the beautiful setting of Mulki, you’ll become a confident surfer with personalized guidance.

Advanced Surf Course at Mantra Surf Club

Advanced Surf Coaching: A Journey to New Surfing Heights

Our advanced surf coaching is for everyone, whether you’re new to surfing or already experienced. Dive deep into improving your skills, connecting with the ocean, and becoming a better surfer. With a clear plan and personal support, this program lets you learn at your own speed.

The Mantra Surfing Experience: Safety, Learning, and Beyond

At Mantra Surf Club, safety is our top priority. Our ISA-certified instructors have lots of experience and will guide you, support you, and provide helpful feedback. We’ve designed our lessons to help you progress gradually and gain the confidence to take on the waves. We’re not just about riding waves; we want you to develop a deep connection with the ocean that becomes a meaningful part of your life story.

Why Mantra Surf Club?

Mantra Surf Club is the perfect place to surf for many reasons:

  • Beautiful Location: We’re in the lovely coastal town of Mulki, with clean, untouched beaches for your surfing fun.
  • Safety Matters: Our certified instructors keep you safe during lessons and give you personal help.
  • Learn it All: Whether you’re new or want to get better, our courses cover everything for a great learning experience.
  • Expert Instructors: Our instructors have lots of experience and know their stuff.
  • Lifelong Love: We’re not just about riding waves; we want you to connect with the ocean for life.

Come to Mantra Surf Club and discover the amazing world of surfing, where the waves are your playground, and the ocean is your canvas for adventure.