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Mantra Surf Club - India's first surf club

Welcome to Mantra Surf Club!

Namaste. Welcome to the Mantra Surf Club. We made history as India’s first surfing club and are passionately dedicated to the pastime of surfing, introducing surfing in India, and introducing India to the international surfing community.

The Mantra Surf Club was started in 2004 by Jack Hebner and Rick Perry who as kids had begun surfing themselves in 1963 at Jacksonville Beach, Florida, USA. Back in the old days both Jack and Rick were members of North Florida's first surf club, Oceanside, and were among the pioneers of surfing on the East Coast of the United States. Later they pioneered surfing in India.

Surfing as a pastime, or as a way of life generally promotes health and spiritual well being and helps to make one a better individual. As they say, "Surfing isn't just about getting in the water and catching a few waves, it's about something much deeper than that. It's about a spiritual experience.” For many surfers, the spiritual experience of surfing led to seeking higher enlightenment, a type of surf yoga, and for some of us that search led us to India where yoga and spiritual enlightenment has been an all-encompassing way of life for thousands of years.

What Mantra Surf Club is about!

The ancient wisdom of India speaks of the oceans and seas of our planet as parts of an organic spiritual dimension, as manifestations of the Cosmic Being and all living beings [surfers included] are spiritual sparks of conscious light floating eternally in the Cosmic Ocean. In that 'cosmic' scenario enlightenment is compared to progressive 'waves' of consciousness, each getting higher and higher until ultimate enlightenment is achieved.

Surfing ocean waves in India turned out to be a new experience. In a country with more than 1.2 billion people, when we started there were only about twelve Indian guys who surfed, seven of which are members of the Mantra Surf Club. Years later it is now popular on both coasts. Our niche is our beach is totally private, no crowds here!

The members of the Mantra Surf Club are totally stoked and would like to invite you to India for your next surf trip to our surf and yoga retreat. Meet our club members below.

Meet the Mantra Surf Club Family!


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