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Protocols, Expectations and Rules

While we believe we provide an amazing range of opportunities to work with us at Mantra Surf Club, there is a professional side to it and it comes with a range of Standards, Expectations and Rules.

Mantra Surf Club or Mantra Surfing and Adventure Sports Centre is India’s first surf school providing Indian leading quality, professionalism, services, sports, lifestyle activities and operations. We are passionate about providing the best experiences our guests can have and thus we want our staff to all share in these aspirations. We have to enforce these strict standards, expectations and rules to ensure we are constantly meeting the high standards and professionalism that we have set ourselves.

During the period of a Position at Mantra Surfing & Adventure Sports Centre, all staff agree to

  • Complete all tasks given by Mantra Management to the best of their ability, meeting or surpassing the standards as expected by Mantra Management
  • Treat all Mantra Staff and Management with respect and dignity
  • Treat all Mantra Guests and Customers with respect and dignity no matter where they are from; their age; religion; background; and not discriminate for any other reason
  • Follow all the organisation’s procedures and standards, including those relating to health and safety and equal opportunities, customer care, and confidentiality in relation to its staff, volunteers and clients
  • Meet time commitments and standards agreed to, and to give reasonable notice of any absences so that other arrangements can be made

The days of work, hours per day, individual roles and responsibilities, remuneration and other position specific information will be individually discussed and documented pursuant to each staff member depending upon their position within the Mantra operations.

Rules of Mantra Surfing & Adventure Sports Centre

Mantra Surf Club is passionate about creating an enjoyable, relaxed, non-threatening, fun and exciting environment for all our guests and staff. At all times, it must be the focus of all staff, paid or volunteer, to build and maintain this feeling and vibe.

Any behaviour, actions, conversations, language or other, direct or indirect that breaches this will not be tolerated. This includes

  • Swearing, use of bad language or making dirty, unacceptable comments
  • Drinking alcohol or using recreational drugs on our land and in our buildings
  • Bringing in Non-Vegetarian food on our land or in our buildings (including eggs)
  • Returning to our buildings and land intoxicated and/or under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • Arriving to work or to perform your duties under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • Being rude to; making fun of; belittling; or displaying any other negative attitude to any of our Mantra guests, staff or management
  • Trying to start any sort of sexual relationship with any of our guests; making any sexual advances, comments or inferences to our guests; doing anything deemed inappropriate or making our guests in any way feel uncomfortable or threatened

Any breaches of the above will result in immediate termination of this contract. If a staff member is terminated effective immediately, whether paid or volunteer, upon notification of immediate termination, will have no more than 24 hours to leave Mantra. During this time from being terminated to leaving the premises, the staff member will have NO access to meals, drinks, activities or any other benefits associated with being part of Mantra.

All staff are required to perform their duties to the best of their abilities, to meet or surpass expected standards and within the acceptable time frame when requested by Mantra management or their supervisor.

By accepting a Position offered at Mantra Surfing & Adventure Sports Centre and signing the contract document, the staff member acknowledges that they understand and agree to all the above

Failure to Comply

Mantra Surf Club has a One Warning Policy for breaching expectations, rules or not performing duties as required, except in the case of a major breach, as detailed above which results in Immediate Termination.

The One Warning Policy allows for a warning to be given to staff, whether volunteer or paid. This warning will be a verbal warning followed up with a written warning. This will explain what the warning has been given for and the expected remedy required for the staff member to comply in future. This written warning maybe through hardcopy letter, SMS text message, WhatsApp message or email and will come from Mantra Management. Failure to remedy this action or behaviour or failure to perform duties as expected after this warning will then result in termination.

If a staff member fails to live up to the expectations, fails to adhere to the rules or do anything to tarnish the reputation of Mantra Surf Club, the staff members have to acknowledge they understand the consequences and potential to have their position terminated. Staff members will also have to acknowledge that they understand the rules and standards pertaining to immediate termination, as well as for less serious breaches, about the one warning, second time termination system.

Copyrighted Intellectual Property (IP) of Mantra Surf Club Documentation, Structures and Operating Procedures

The IP of Mantra Surf Club including Documentation, Structures and Operating Procedures of Mantra Surf Cub is legally copyrighted to Mantra Surfing & Adventure Sports Centre. This IP remains the property of Mantra and cannot be shared, shown, used, discussed or given to anyone else.

It is illegal to use any of the IP learnt during a staff members’ time at Mantra for any purpose outside of performing their roles and duties at Mantra. It is illegal to show, discuss, describe or share this IP with anyone outside Mantra and upon completion of the time at Mantra, this cannot be taken and used elsewhere. It remains the explicit property of Mantra Surf Club.

Breaching of this is illegal and could result in legal action taken against you by Mantra Surfing & Adventure Sports Centre.