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Shri Ram Global School Bangalore

Recently, 25 students from Shri Ram Global School from Bangalore (OMR Branch) visited us. The students learned surfing, kayaking, stand-up Paddling, and a lot more fun activities. We would like to thank the administration for taking such initiative and introducing young kids to sports and activities like these. It’s always good to start sports like surfing at a very young age. In a country like India where water sports are still a growing sport, it was nice to see these kids embrace the ocean and surfing. This is the second time the school has brought the students over to Mantra Surf Club. We would like to take this opportunity to appeal to other schools and organizations to take a similar step. Surfing is an amazing activity and helps kids in more ways than just physical fitness. It helps kids to have patience, focus, build team spirit, and a lot more.

Beat Plastic Pollution while Surfing!

The students also helped us with cleaning the beach. We told them about the adverse effects of plastic on the environment and how we can contribute towards cleaner oceans. They picked up the trash and segregated it into plastic, glass, and rubber waste. This was later sent to the recycling plant. The beach clean-up programs are regularly organized by the Surfing Swami Foundation and supported by Mantra Surf Club. We aim to encourage more schools and organizations to participate in such activities. The kids will learn about waste management in the early years and this helps to create a cleaner environment going forward.

Surfing India – Surf, Kayak, and Keep the beaches clean!

We would like to once again that Shri Ram Global School for taking the initiative to make this happen. We hope to see more schools and organizations come forward to do this. Here are some pictures and a small video compilation of the students and teachers surfing, having fun and helping with the beach cleaning.