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Kishore Kumar and Dustin Ellison, both, close members and one of the first generations pioneers of surfing movement in India were invited to the premiere of an amazing documentary “Momentum Generation” starring some of the biggest surf names in the world!

It was truly an honor and a significantly happy moment for our members to be a part of the show and to meet some amazing world class surfers again after a long time.

Here is what Kishore had to tell –

“Congratulations to @taylorsteele for playing such an important part in this amazing documentary film and can’t thank you enough for giving us an invite to this premiere in your home town theater for @momentumgeneration@lapalomatheatre #encinitas with my friend @dustinellisonphoto 

On the journey of life we are truly happy when we have friends that are a spiritual inspiration to us and with whom we can share a mutual trust and camaraderie. Nothing is more valuable than friends – those with whom we share the good times and those who will stand by our side in times of need, these are friends. Friends strengthen our will to succeed, they support our efforts and share our dreams – our friends help to make us what we are, what we might not have achieved alone. Indeed, a person is satisfied in life when he has friends with whom he knows he can share this heart and soul.

Quote by @surfingswami

This documentary movie is a showcase of friendship between @kellyslater@rob_machado
@benjiweatherley @kalanirobb@shanedorian @rosswilliamshawaii@patchy_o @taylorsteele “

And Dustin Ellison –

“Last night we got the good fortune of attending @momentumgeneration premiere at the historical La Paloma theatre in Encinitas, CA. BIG Thanks to @taylorsteele and @bettybomb1 for the invite! The film (documentary) really highlighted all the relationships and unique personalities behind the era of Momentum surf films. Dove deep into raw human behavior and covered controversial topics, like the high five ?️ @kellyslater and @rob_machado gave a high five on stage afterwards to try and put the rumors to rest. All in all, an amazing night of reconnecting with some old friends. Kishore and I hadn’t reunited with @taylorsteele and @nathan_myers since around 2008 when we traveled together in India for the making of Taylor’s surf film, Castles in the Sky.”