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After months of planning and plotting for the GoPro Hero 8 Launch in India by Ram (GoPro Family Member) from Mantra Surf Club, Mayuri Pitale, Head of Marketing – GoPro India and White Collar Hippie crew to host a GoPro Launch event at Mantra, saw the legends of action cameras #GoPro meet the pioneers of #surfing in India, Mantra Surf Club for the launch of the new super versatile action cameras – GoPro Hero 8 and GoPro Max.

Hosting this event was a huge step up & opportunity for Mantra Surf Club to collaborate with GoPro Advocates and

Tech/media community to introduce them to the world of surfing and adventure water sports activities.

We at Mantra were super stoked to meet and interact with all the amazing content creators, media personnel, and the awesome GoPro team.

It was so much fun teaching them to surf, SUP, Kayak, and jetsking in 2 days that they were here.

All of them did extremely well to catch a few waves, paddle the beautiful waters of River Shambhavi, and create some mind-blowing content in the process. It was great to see them in their element where they pushed their creative boundaries & storytelling skills just like how GoPro does with its cameras every single time and even with some bruises here & there, they showed a spirit of adventure with a wide smile on their faces.

We are grateful to everyone from the GoPro team, GoPro advocates, the media community, the White Collar Hippie crew, volunteers, and our entire team at Mantra who made this a fun successful event.

We strive to spread positivity by surfing all along the beautiful coastline of India. With GoPro, we want to consistently redefine our standards with every passing year & keep creating content that inspires, impacts, and creates awareness around the Ocean.

Here is the link to buy the latest GoPro –

GoPro Hero 8 

GoPro MAX 360