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+91 83103 84842 Mulki, Mangalore, Karnataka
Surfing for Beginners - Mantra Surf Club - 3 days course

Welcome to our 'Surfing for Beginners' course. Our location at Mulki, Mangalore, Karnataka is great for learning how to surf.

The aim of the 'Surfing for Beginners' course is to help catch your own whitewater waves and ride all the way to the shore.

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This is our most popular surf course. Our 'Surfing for Beginners' course focuses on teaching the fundamental skills of surfing. This course is structured to make you understand the crucial things about surfing.

In just 3 days, with our 'Surfing for Beginners Course,' you will learn to surf with concise and easy to learn surf lessons. You will learn:

  • how to Paddle
  • how to Stand up
  • how to ride whitewater waves.

The cost of Rs.6,999 per person is inclusive of :

  • Equipment Rental.
  • Surf Lessons from ISA Certified Instructor(s).
  • Life Jacket (If you can’t swim).
  • Boat Transportation to a clean remote Beach.
  • Drinking water.
  • Shower facilities.

Our ISA certified surf instructors will explain, demonstrate, and guide you throughout your surfing course with constant constructive feedback.

By the end of this '3-day Surfing for Beginners course', you will learn to catch your own whitewater waves. You will be able to handle yourself and your surfboard in the ocean and keep yourself and your fellow surfers safe.

While you are here, please do check out our other surf courses.

Our instructors are ISA (International Surfing Association) certified and have been instructing for over a decade. Whether you are an experienced swimmer or this is your first time in the ocean, our instructors will make sure that you have a great time in the water.


Facilities at Mantra Campus

1) mantra-campus
2) mantra-campus-2
3) dock-area-2
4) dock-area
5) Mulki-surf-cafe
6) sit-out-area
7) work-area
8) washrooms
9) Changing-rooms
10) surf-board-shack
11) equipment-area
12) kayaks
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Want to carry back home Mantra memories?

Don't worry we got you covered. We have our own in-house photo/videographer who captures your fun moments of surfing and other activities at Mantra and compiles them into a nice little video. You don't have to worry about trying to get a good picture of surfing or kayaking or any other activities, you can focus on the activity and having fun while we make sure to record those moments.

Small video + Pictures -
For Courses - Rs. 3,500

Only Pictures -
Per Session - Rs. 500
For Courses - Rs. 1,500