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+91 83103 84842 Mulki, Mangalore, Karnataka

Welcome to Aaransh Nilaya at Yermal, Udupi

Replete with the beauty of lush greenery and a magnificent view of the beach, Aaransh Nilaya II at Yermal (Thenka), Mangalore is a beautiful and spacious 12-bedroom boutique hotel. Enjoy the spectacular sea-facing bedrooms, a private plunge pool, and an in-house restaurant “Kaai”. Choose from delectable cuisines; both Indian as well Continental.

Soothe yourself in the company of chirping birds, the sound of the waves, and the rustling of leaves from the coconut trees.

It’s right at the beach and never too crowded, so make the most of your holiday in this peaceful and scenic boutique hotel.

Surfing Courses Offered


Surfing for Beginners – 3-day surf Course.
(Rs.7,200 per person)

Learn surfing in just 3 days at Mantra Surf Club by taking our most popular 3 days- beginner surf course. Catch your own white water wave!

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Learn to Surf in 5 Days
(Rs.11,999 per person)

Learn to surf in 5 days at mantra surf club by taking our most concise 5 days- learn to surf course! You will be able to identify and catch your own white water wave.

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Contact us at +91 83103 84842 / +91 70224 08328 for booking and more information.