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Mainland Surf Tour

Here is a little information about our Mainland Surf Tours.

The sub-continent of India has 7,000 kilometers [4,349 miles] of coastline. The greater portion of that is still unexplored in terms of locating surf spots. But with that much exposure to the Arabian Sea, the Indian Ocean and the Bay of Bengal and with nothing off the southern tip of India for thousands and thousands of kilometers except Antarctica- with that much ocean out there, you know there are going to be some great waves when the conditions are favorable.

There are waves in India all year round averaging 3 to 5 feet but the season for scoring some good waves is from May to October. This is the pre-monsoon, monsoon & post-monsoon seasons. At this time the surf will range from 6 to 12 feet and bigger — often blown out and messy depending on where you are and what the condition is but we at India Surf Tours have enough knowledge of many surf breaks which are super glassy with offshore winds, at times comparable to many world class breaks!

Generally, the west-coast swell direction is usually best when coming from the south or west, although an occasional north swell does get good. On the east coast, the swell is almost always from the south or slight southeast direction.

Mainland Tours are organized and led by India Surf Tour for only magazines, film-makers and surf brands. We at India Surf Tours can guide our clients to already known popular surf spots along the west and east coast of India or offer custom tours depending on surf season. We can also organize cultural sightseeing and other kinds of tours for our clients who are looking to capture the essence of the sub-continent.