India Surf School (Mantra Surf School)

Welcome to the best surf school in India! Our Surf School has provided surf lessons to people from all over the world since the beginning of surfing in India in 2004. Learning to surf isn’t that difficult and here at our school, we make it easy for you. We have everything you will need right here. Our guests receive surfing lessons daily. We teach surfing for beginners or get the more experienced out to a great surf spot, either way, mantra surf school is a ton of fun. Experience the best of surfing holidays with us here in South India.

Surf Coaching

In the last several years, we, here at Mantra Surf School have trained many students and prepared them for national surfing events. Surfing, which was a very new sport to India just a few years ago has now become a competitive level sport. And that is why we provide surf coaching at our school. We provide a structured surf training by which the student can be confident about participating in the events.

Our coaching focuses on the overall surfing development of the student. Paddling techniques, stance, diet, course plan, twists and turns on the waves, how to score points are some of the subjects that we will cover in depth.

Surfing is a great sport for anyone who likes to spend time in the water. It helps you keep fit and it brings a certain discipline to life and makes you respect the ocean. Our hope is to train as many students as possible through our Mantra Surf School and present the athletes at international events. India has already entered into several international events, and our students have performed really well.

If you want to take up the sport of surfing seriously and participate in national and international events, then you are in the right place. Come and visit our surf school and plan your surf course.