Explore Mangalore!


A coastal beauty,Mangalore is a serene town on the west coast of Karnataka. Tulu, Kannada, and Konkani are the languages spoken locally. Most everybody here can speak English and Hindi too, so communication won’t be an issue.  A perfect Mangalore experience is punctuated by the Arabian Sea, and beckons the most difficult traveller into its easy arms. Taxi apps such as Uber and Ola are available to explore the city. You can also avail of the local bus services for a cheaper price. Here is a list that we’ve compiled for you!

Let’s begin with F-O-O-D!

If you’re in the mood for some Mangalore buns, Pundi (Steamed Dumplings) and an array of good south Indian breakfast, we’d suggest you head to Sagar Ratna located in Ocean Pearl. 

Great desserts are here, did you know that Mangalore’s very own Ideal ice cream has won accolades on national and international platforms for it flavors? Don’t believe us? Try it for yourself. Visit Pabbas Ice Cream parlor which is the best ice cream joint in the city. We recommend the Tiramisu, Gadbad & Parfait sundaes.

Now that we’ve got food covered, let’s talk about a few places for sightseeing.

St. Aloysius Chapel:

A beautiful chapel in Mangalore, St. Aloysius College Chapel was built in 1884. The inside of the church is decorated by age-old paintings, and that is perhaps the main attraction of this place of worship. The chapel here is abound with stunning paintings that were done by Antonio Moscheni, and depicts stories from the Bible.

Sulthan Battery:

Situated at a distance of about 4 km from the city of Mangalore, this watchtower was built by the legendary Emperor Tipu Sultan in 1784. One can take the ferry to visit Thannirbhavi beach on the other side.

Kudroli Gokarnath Temple:

The temple is dedicated to Gokarnath, a form of Lord Shiva. One can visit the temple at dusk to view it in all its grandeur.

Pilikula Nisargadhama:

An eco-tourism destination that is known for being educational, Pilikula Nisargadhama is a must visit place. You can walk around on the 370 acres of land, all pristine and beautiful. The tropical forest here is enchanting to say the least. You can visit the Biological Park, the Science Centre, and enjoy boating in the lake. It also has a water amusement park and A golf course. An all-round entertainment hub, this is for the entire family.

A day out at Parambur Beach

A clean and tidy beach, Parambur Beach sits beside the Arabian Sea, and is known for its beautiful sunsets. Here, at Parambur Beach, there are some water sports activities available for visitors, which includes jet skiing, and boating among others. There is a parking facility as well, so if you are driving around the city, then feel free to come here. You can also enjoy horse and camel rides; clearly, this is one of the best places to visit in Mangalore.

Apart from these places, you can also visit the beaches at Ullal, and Someshwar in Mangalore.

Divine intervention at Kadri Manjunathan Temple

Seated on the hills of Kadri, this beautiful temple was built in the 10th or 11th century. Also, the idol of Manjunathaswamy that is installed here inside the temple is the oldest in South India. The temple is much revered by the Hindus here in Mangalore, and you can try your luck visiting during the annual festival, held in the month of January, which goes on for nine days. The surrounding landscape of the temple is speckled with a few ponds and lush green gardens, which lead to an ultimate setting for leisure and photography trip.

Krishna Temple, Udupi:

Udupi is the land of breathtaking beauty, which is situated in the state of Karnataka. It is located between the verdant mountains of the Western Ghats and the beautiful Arabian sea. It is a fascinating city, which is famous for its huge cultural inheritance. People can experience diverse cultural heritage in the city. Sri Madhavacharya was born in the city which also makes it popular. The name of this city was originated from Odipu. This city is also known as Parashurama Srishti. You can refer to Udupi Travel guide to get the important facts about the city.

Malpe Beach/ St. Mary’s Island:

St Mary’s Island, Malpe is another very popular tourist attraction around Udupi and Mangalore. Located off the coast, St Mary’s island can be reached by ferry service operated from Malpe harbour. Ferry service opens at about 9 am and closes at 5 pm and per person fee is Rs 100. Ferry leaves at regular intervals, often once the boat fills up to capacity (about 30 pax). Ferry service is subject to good weather conditions. The 7 km ride to St Mary’s island lasts for about half an hour. Once at the island, tourists are asked to return within one hour, for the return trip.