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+91 83103 84842 Mulki, Mangalore, Karnataka

Join us for our evening yoga session.

We offer a 1-hour lesson of basic introductory Ashtanga yoga. The classes are great to relax your muscles from surfing and your mind from the stresses of life. It helps you wind down and get better and much-needed sleep during the night.

Yoga is especially good if you are experiencing tiredness, some sore muscles, or just a stiff body. It helps you be ready for the following day’s water sports activities with a lot more energy.

Apart from that, it’s always good to end your day of activities with a little bit of exercise and meditation. The class is conducted by a certified instructor who will guide you throughout and make sure that you are doing it right.

So please let us know in advance if you wish to take up this evening yoga class.

Also, check out our morning yoga class which is great to warm up and energize yourself before a surf session.

Want to carry back home Mantra memories?

Don't worry we got you covered. We have our own in-house photo/videographer who captures your fun moments of surfing and other activities at Mantra and compiles them into a nice little video. You don't have to worry about trying to get a good picture of surfing or kayaking or any other activities, you can focus on the activity and having fun while we make sure to record those moments.

Small video + Pictures -
For Courses - Rs. 3,500

Only Pictures -
Per Session - Rs. 500
For Courses - Rs. 1,500