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Ettina Bhuja Trek

Ettina Bhuja literally means Ox's shoulder in Kannada. Standing high at 1,300 meters above sea level, situated on the border of Chikmagalur district of Karnataka. It is part of the western Ghat ranges in Karnataka. Tall trees, beautiful views, gorgeous natural backdrops accompany your way up the tiring, yet rewarding journey. Ettina Bhuja trek is meant for all trekkers alike, if you love the nature vibes and pushing yourself a little, you can take up this slightly challenging and fun trek offering a plethora of flora and fauna all along its stretches.

Trekking in the forest trail is the most thrilling part of the trek. This trek involves many stream crossings, with the last leg of the trek there is a rock phase involving a 75-degree inclination in the climb. After reaching the peak you just dive into nature's lap with Panoramic views of the vibrant green Charmadi range and Shishila valley. It is also surrounded by many more hills like Deepadakallu, Amedikallu, Ombattu Gudda, and Jenukallu Gudda.

Distance 3km
Trek moderate
Duration 1 day
Trek type: Forest and rock phase.
Base Byrapura

Waterfall: Magajahalli Waterfall
It is one of the most picturesque Waterfalls in Sakalespur. Also known as Abbigundi Waterfall. The water is falling from 20ft height. Wrapped up with lush greenery.


Ballalarayana Durga trek

Difficulty - easy-moderate.
Duration - 1 day
Trek type - Forest and grasslands trail.
Max altitude - 4895ft
Base - Ranijari viewpoint

Ballalarayana Durga trek lies in Chikmagalur, nestled in the western ghats of Karnataka, just 150kms away from Mangalore. Chikmagalur is well known for its vast coffee plantation and lush greenery landscapes.

While going towards the Ballalarayana Durga base, we can experience calm weather and beautiful scenic views of the Kudremukh national reserve.
Ballalarayana Durga trek holds an abandoned fort from the 17th century at its peak. Views from a 4800 ft high peak set the heartbeat racing. Only for this view, the Ballalarayana Durga trek is a must-do.

Madugundi fall
A very less known waterfall near the Kelagur region. To reach the base of the waterfall we have to trek a km to enjoy the beautiful waterfall. It is known for its awesome views and surroundings that will rejuvenate you to the soul. It is a usual spot for adventure seekers. It is very relaxing in the lap of mother nature.

Include breakfast and lunch veg
Entry tickets and guides charges,
Forest permission
Excluding dinner,
And additional items purchased during the trek.
Jeep charge if needed.

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