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+91 83103 84842 Mulki, Mangalore, Karnataka
Mulki Surf Spot - Udupi/Manipal near Mangalore in Karnataka,India

Why is Mulki the Best Surfing Destination in India?

The first Indian surf camp was set up in Mulki located in Mangalore, Karnataka. It's a great place to come and learn surfing and very close to Udupi and Manipal as well. Mulki is the best surfing destination in India to learn surfing. After traveling all over India for several years, we chose to establish the first surf school here in Mulki. The main criteria to select a location for a good surf school are :

  • Safety
  • Surf conditions
  • Locals
  • Beach
  • Culture and Food (Yes, this is important)

Let’s Talk about Safety

Mulki beach is one of the safest beaches in India. First of all, you don’t need to worry about any dangerous sea creatures. No sharks, no sea crocs, no sea snakes, no giant crabs, nothing! We only get some Sting-rays and Jellyfish during a small part of the year and even those are quite rare. What you will see though is plenty of dolphins hanging around the beach and occasionally come close to see our surf.

There are no rocks or corals!

If you are a beginner surfer or even an intermediate surfer, you know the wipe-outs aren’t the best things, especially if the beach has corals or rocks. Well, here at Mulky, it’s a nice soft sandy beach! You won’t have to worry at all about falling down from the surfboard into the ocean. We wouldn’t say wipe-outs are fun here, but you won’t come out with a bruised back or shoulders. You will thoroughly enjoy the whitewater wash and be ready for the next wave.

About current –

Although this is something that is ever changing and unpredictable, over the last 15 years of surfing these waters, we have never seen an extremely heavy current that has made our surf sessions impossible. The ocean has always been nice to us and almost throughout the year.

The only time we won’t dare go into the ocean is during the monsoon season, then, it’s best that we leave the ocean alone!

And to top all these, We have some of the finest surf instructors in the entire country who have been surfing and instructing the longest and bring in a lot of experience. (Well over a decade) All our instructors are ISA (International Surfing Association) certified and certified in First Aid and CPR by the American Red Cross Society.

So, Mulki, along with the expertise of instructors, Mantra Surf Club scores high on safety and is one of the best surf destinations in India.

Read more about how the first surf club was set up in India by the “Surfing Swami” in a small article here

Surfing in Mulki - Bird eye View- Mantra Surf Club

Let’s Talk about Surf Condition

India has a huge coastline – about 7,000 kilometers to be nearly precise. So, why Mulki in Mangalore makes it at one of the top surf spots in India? Because the surf condition pretty much throughout the year is great! Especially for learning how to surf. Most times we get waves that are between 2-3 feet with good shape. This is best for learning, the waves aren’t too big that you get discouraged to surf the first time, or the waves aren’t too small that you don’t feel the surf spirit. It’s a near-perfect condition where you can feel the rush of surfing without being intimidated by the wave.

Our classes are mainly conducted (but not limited to) during the morning time. The conditions are perfect, with no wind, great waves, and the sun is not too intense. This is not to say that the conditions are bad for the rest of the day. We have good waves all through the day to learn surfing, but the ideal time is in the morning. That’s when the condition is at its best.

So good surf conditions at Mantra Surf Club – Checked.

Let’s Talk about the Beach

India is a huge country and lets’ face the fact, just like many other developing countries in the world, India has a huge problem with cleanliness and plastic pollution. Amidst all this, can you find a beach that is clean and away from the humongous population of 1.3 billion people? Yes, you can! And Yes, you guessed it right. It’s right here at Mulki. We have one of the cleanest beaches in South India. Reasons being, this beach has no road access, meaning only a few fishermen have access to this beach and we also conduct regular beach clean up programs gathering the local community and students under the banner of Surfing Swami Foundation.

It’s really important to have a nice clean beach to learn surfing where you are not bombarded by hundreds of people on the land or in the water. We understand this, which is why we chose the ideal spot for surf school.

You too can help with our beach clean-up program and helping to keep the environment clean. To know more about how you can help, please visit Surfing Swami Foundation.

Clean and remote beach – Checked, making it another reason why Mulki is the best surfing destination in India.

Culture and Food

Mangalore is home to one of the best Indian cuisines and cultural activities. Many dance forms, amazing food, and many other cultural interests originate here in the West Coastline of Karnataka. It’s an extremely culturally rich place where there are constant festivals and cultural activities happening. You can be sure to find one or the other local festival or dance program happening around regardless of the season or the time of the year.

When it comes to food, Mangaloreans know how it’s done. You are bound to fall in love with the local cuisine. Whether you are into sweets or spicy food, you will not be disappointed here in Mulki. You will find this place to be a culinary paradise! Don’t believe us? Well, there’s only one way to find out.

Mulki, a small village is now the best surfing destination in India! It offers activities like Surfing, Kayaking, Stand up Paddling, cycling, yoga, boating and a lot more! Whether you are planning to go on a surf trip, or you are just planning an adventure off-beat vacation. Mantra Surf Club located in the beautiful clean village of Mulki is your best bet.

We are eagerly waiting to teach more and more people to Surf and more people to discover this beautiful surf paradise. Pack your bags and head down to Mantra Surf Club.