Beat Plastic Pollution

Once more, the local youth of Mulki & Mangalore came together to make this effort of contributing to the environment. The event “Mantra Beach Clean-Up” was held on 7th & 8th of December 2019 & was a success with over 150 people helping Cleanup the beach. The event was organized by Surfing Swami Foundation in association with Mantra Surf Club to promote Beach cleanliness & Ocean Awareness among the youth. 

50 NCC cadets from Narayan Guru School cleaned the beach on 7th & 100 Students from Alva’s college & came in on 8th to do the same. We briefed them about why this trash ends up here on the Beach, How to segregate them into Recyclable Waste of Glass, Rubber & Plastic. 

Why it is important!

When people actually clean the beaches they realize why we should be more aware of the Consumption of One-time use/disposable materials & where we should dispose of our daily waste.

It was Humbling to watch everyone from NCC Students to College youth picking up the trash and cleaning up our environment. After 3 hours of picking & segregating, we had successfully cleaned the beach and disposed of the trash to Recycling. Everybody had a sense of contribution to a Social cause and a feeling of satisfaction when they were returning from the beach. There was also a Surfing demonstration in the waters where surfers were catching waves and encouraging people to learn this exciting sport of Surfing and becoming comfortable with the ocean. After coming back there was Refreshment provided by Surfing Swami Foundation. The Clean-up was embraced & cheered by many local people around Mulki. 

Our Supporters

This event was supported by Bolas, Novigo solutions, Semnox and CodeCraft without whom, executing on this Social cause would not be possible. Sincere thanks to Mr. Gangadhar Poojary to lead all the NCC cadets with discipline, Thanks to all the Volunteers from Semnox group lead by Mr. Raghu Saligram. We would also like to thank Mr. Gaurav Hegde, Director of SSF & constant supporter of these events. Kudos to Team Mantra for making this event possible.

The event aimed to keep our environments clean & bring awareness to the Local people regarding Ocean awareness & Waste management. Surfing Swami Foundation plans to continue hosting such monthly events to protect its pristine beaches along the coastline of Karnataka.

We heart-fully extend our gratitude to all the Students/Teachers of Alvas College & Narayan Guru School & to all the other volunteers who turned up and especially Mantra Surf Club for being the backbone of these Cleanups.


Check out the Surfing Swami Foundation website to see how you can help.

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