Coastal Cycling Tour

Coastal Cycling Tour

The towns of Coastal Karnataka are probably the most interesting. The culture, people, festivals, all these make this part of Karnataka both beautiful and intriguing. Which is why our coastal cycling tours around these places are worthwhile. We have all kinds of cycling tours :

  • Do you want to just go around the town and have a look at the beautiful lifestyle of people? Checked
  • Do you want to visit some old beautiful temples with amazing history and know more about the culture of the place you are in? Checked
  • Do you want to go to festivals and watch the town’s exclusive cultural activities? Checked

We offer you not just rides, but an in-depth tour of the places you visit and gives not just an aesthetic experience but also the historical and cultural background of the places you visit. So that once you have ridden along these places, you will feel a part of it!

Cost is inclusive of:

  • 21 Geared Merida Matts 10 Mountain Bike
  • Helmet
  • Guide
  • Shower Facility
  • Drinking Water

Things to bring/ wear

  • A small backpack (to keep personal belongings, snacks, and water)
  • Wearing cycling shoes if advisable, if not please wear sports shoes
  • You can wear cycling glasses or regular sunglasses to avoid dust
  • Pants are not advisable. Please wear shorts. (Gloves if you have them)

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