Rs. 800

Adventure Cycling Tour

Come and join us on our adventure cycling tours at Mantra Surf Club in Mangalore. There is no shortage of off-road trails and for all you MTB enthusiasts.

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Adventure Cycling Tours

There is no Mountain Trail Biking (MTB) without dirt! Which is why we present to you some amazing adventure cycling tours. At the core, this is what Cycle Odyssey is all about – riding the dirt! There is no shortage of off-road trails and for all you MTB enthusiasts who want to shred some trails, this is where you can find your paradise.

We organize some kick-ass cycling tours where we have amazing trails and pure off-road trails curated by mother nature herself. And what more? Not only can you just go cycling, but you can also have the joy of swimming in the backwaters after the exerting ride.

We also offer camping, veg barbecue, hiking and much more at Cycle Odyssey. Cycle Odyssey is literally your one-stop paradise for all your adrenaline cravings!

Cost is inclusive of:

  • 21 Geared Merida Matts 10 Mountain Bike
  • Helmet
  • Guide
  • Shower Facility
  • Drinking Water

Things to bring/ wear

  • A small backpack ( to keep personal belongings, snacks, and water)
  • Wearing cycling shoes if advisable, if not please wear sports shoes
  • You can wear cycling glasses or regular sunglasses to avoid dust
  • Pants are not advisable. Please wear shorts. (Gloves if you have them)

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