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Welcome to Surfing India, the original website dedicated to the incredible frontier of adventure sports in India. Everything you are looking for in adventure tours you can find right here at our Surf Ashram located on the west coast in South India.

Established in 2004 when surfing in India was completely unknown, today we offer all varieties of exciting water sports. If you are looking for fun in the water, this is it! Wakeboarding, bodyboarding, surfing, kayaking, surf school, surf lessons, jet skiing, stand up paddle boarding [SUP], snorkeling, and more can all be done right here at India’s original surf and yoga retreat.

How about adventure tours to some of the last great untouched surf spots in the world, India’s fabulous remote, the Andaman, Nicobar, and Lakshadweep Islands? This is a surf camp experience you will never forget.

We have everything you need for your surf travel right here at Surfing India, clean rooms, Wi-Fi, first class vegetarian food, and professional equipment for all your adventure sports.

All our members here at the Surf Ashram are volunteers who only accept room and board as compensation. All profits generated by our surfing businesses are used to maintain the surf ashram and help in the Foundations activities.  

Can't make it but you would like to help? Click on the Surfing Foundation link on the right hand side of this page to see how the members of Indias original Surf Ashram are helping make a difference in the lives of our local children.

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Ashram Surf Retreat

Ashram Surf Retreat

Mantra Surf Club invites you to our Ashram Surf Retreat.
Stay with us and experience surfing in the tropical atmosphere of India.

Learn Ashtanga Yoga

Learn Ashtanga Yoga

Yoga is much more than just exercise; it is a way to establish a healthy,

vibrant and balanced approach to living.

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India Surf Spots

India surf spots

The sub-continent of India has 7,000 kilometers of coastline. Most of that is unexplored, never before surfed and just waiting for you.

Mantra Surf Club

The Mantra Surf Club

The Mantra Surf Club is dedicated to the pastime of surfing — introducing surfing in India and introducing India to the international surfing community.  

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Mantra Surf Club is proud of it's surf instructors who are now officially Level 1 ISA certified surf instructors. This is a huge progress in the growing surf movement in India. All surfing enthusiasts can now be very sure about the safety aspect and proper training methods practiced at Mantra Surf Club.

 Ismail Miglal Wins The Covelong Point Classic Surf Contest 2014

smail Miglal has conquered the Open Men's division of the Covelong Point Surf and Music Festival 2014, held in Covelong, India. Up to 120 surfers participated in yet another surfing contest promoted in Indian waters. The three-day event attracted over 8000 people. The organizers confirmed that the Covelong Point Surf and Music Festival saw a drastic rise in skill levels of the nation's most talented surfers, but it also displayed a fully-committed performance by several international wave riders.

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